Design, Data and Mixed Reality

17 November 2022 | 10:15-18:40 (UTC)

10:15 – 10:55
Registration & Networking

10:55 – 11:00
Car Design News introduction

James M
James McLachlan, Editor, Car Design News

The Car Design News team will provide an introduction on what to expect from this year’s Los Angeles Forum, fireside chats, panels, awards, and the designer night.

11:00 – 11:30
Keynote interview: a new vision for luxury at Lincoln

Kemal Curic
Kemal Curic, Design Director, Lincoln

Kemal will join us to discuss the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln brand and how that heritage informs the current Lincoln design philosophy, how luxury is being redefined for the EV era, recent concept work and examine what the future holds for the celebrated US OEM.

James M
Moderator: James McLachlan, Editor, Car Design News

11:30 – 12:15
Redesigning a brand: from launch to customer experience

Copy of Unnamed Design (7)
Jennifer Kolstad, Global Design and Brand Director, Ford Motor Company
Copy of Unnamed Design (6)
Troy Beetz, Chief Marketing Officer, DeLorean Motor Company
Todd Towers, Farmboy
Todd Towers, CEO, Farmboy
Clay Dean, UA
Clay Dean, Chief Innovation Officer, Under Armour

From showroom design to logo design and UX – the need to create and maintain a coherent brand identity is of increasing importance for OEMs. With new car makers, which are essentially working with a blank slate, it presents a chance to set out its values from the outset. With legacy OEMs, which need to negotiate years of history, the challenge is far more complex. And as the car industry enters an era of change, some established OEMs have reassessed and overhauled their brand identity to better fit into the digital age. Together with Car Design News, an expert panel explores what it means to build and evolve a brand and how that work can feed into all aspects of automotive design, from showroom design to logo design all the way down to UX within the car.

James M
Moderator: James McLachlan, Editor, Car Design News

12:15 – 13:00
That idea will never fly: exploring UAM

Copy of Unnamed Design (8)
Julien Montousse, VP of Innovation & Design, Archer
Clint Harper
Clint Harper, Advanced Air Mobility Manager, Urban Movement Labs

An anthem to the car, Los Angeles is increasingly associated with gridlocked streets and declining air quality. As one response, forward-looking automotive and mobility designers have been turning their attention to the skies. OEMs are keeping a close eye on the development and putting forward their own flying concepts, but will these airborne solutions ever take off? How do they relate to design philosophy and technology for electrification, autonomous driving and mobility-as-a-service (MaaS)? And how much is the research into elements such as light weighting feeding into contemporary car design? This panel will look at the impact designers are having on urban air mobility (UAM) and its feasibility.

Karl Smith, CDN
Moderator: Karl Smith, U.S. Correspondent,Car Design News

13:00 – 13:15
Magna Global Bold Perspective Award announcement

Magna Global Award

  • Copy of Unnamed Design (14)
    Larry Erickson, Global Director of the Exteriors Design Group, Magna

13:15 – 14:30

Network with industry people

14:30 – 15:15
Interior landscapes: California dreaming

William Chergosky
William Chergosky, Chief Designer, CALTY Design Research, Inc
Copy of Unnamed Design (10)
Sue Neuhauser, Head of CMF Design, Faraday Future
Derek Jenkins circular headshot
Derek Jenkins, Senior Vice President Of Design And Brand, Lucid
Nick Gronenthal Head of Design USA | Volvo Cars
Nick Gronenthal, Head of Design USA, Volvo Cars

There are many design studios in California and often these facilities form the tip of the spear in terms of research and concept development and are examples of how design departments bring in myriad influences, talents and technology. The need for a strong relationship to the mothership is imperative, even more so in a post-pandemic world, but why do global OEMs position these outposts in the Golden State? What is the relationship between the environment and interior design? How much does it inform aesthetics, materials and user experience? Do these ideals translate in other parts of the world? And what is the relationship between the innovation hubs across California and the design and technology strategies for automotive manufacturers?

Laura Burstein, CDN
Moderator: Laura Burstein, North American Correspondent, Car Design News

15:15 – 16:00
Keeping car design relevant for a new generation

Copy of Unnamed Design (12)
Tom Matano, Executive Director, School of Industrial Design, Academy of Art University, San Francisco
Pontus circle
Pontus Fontaeus, Executive Design Director GAC Advanced Design Los Angeles and Technical Director, GAC
Martin Groschwald
Martin Groschwald, CEO, Konzepthaus Consulting
David Muyers, Streetscope
David Muyres, Mobility Futurist, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer, Streetscope

Design studios want to position themselves to be around the next generation of designers in education who will shape this industry in the years to come. But design educators and colleagues need to keep automotive and mobility design relevant in an industry that’s undergoing fundamental changes. What is the role of design educators beyond teaching the fundamentals and tools of car design? How do they keep up with changing trends in materials, vehicle architecture and software? How will they help the next generation of designers create mobility for a demographic that will use vehicles in different ways, with more focus on flexibility, over-the-air software updates and UX?

Laura Burstein, CDN
Moderator: Laura Burstein, North American Correspondent, Car Design News

16:00 – 16:30
Coffee break

Network with industry people

16:30 – 17:15
A new era for exterior design?

Klaus VW
Klaus Zyciora, Head of Volkswagen Group Design, Volkswagen Group
Scott Krugger, Dodge
Scott Krugger, Vice President, Dodge//SRT Exterior Design, Stellantis
Copy of Unnamed Design (13)
David Lyon, Director of Design, VinFast

As EVs continue to develop, contrasting approaches to exterior design are emerging. The fundamental question designers are wrestling with is whether electric vehicles need their own distinct form language that rejects ICE-age design or whether the changes should be more subtle. With aerodynamics and light weighting forming crucial elements to EV design in terms of maximising range, some OEMs are looking back to the streamlining era of the 1930s. Still others are channelling retro-futurist designs that reject curves in favour of strong folds and crease lines to create striking geometries. How will concerns over sustainability influence and the advent of autonomous driving influence design decisions? Ultimately, in which direction is exterior design headed? Will EVs bring radical new looks or will it be a case of ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss.'

James M
Moderator: James McLachlan, Editor, Car Design News

17:15 - 18:00
The start-up scene

David O’Connell, Czinger
David O’Connell, Chief Design Officer, Czinger
Nicholas David, Karma Automotive
Nicholas David, Sr. Director of Design, Karma Automotive
Untitled design (9)
Joshua Boyt, Head of Business Development, Alpha Motor Corporation

Car Design News examines the most exciting start-ups in California.

- Determining your USP through exterior and interior design, UX and materials
- The process of establishing your image, ideas, defining your brand and building your reputation
- Looking at what's needed to grow beyond startup and make the transition to established player
- Learning from those who failed in their attempts to become a going concern

Karl Smith, CDN
Moderator: Karl Smith, U.S. Correspondent,Car Design News

18:00 – 18:30
Hyundai's new design vision

Copy of Unnamed Design (18)
Simon Loasby, Vice President Hyundai Styling Group, Hyundai Motor Group
Copy of Unnamed Design (19)
Haksoo Ha, Design Director, Hyundai Motor Group

James McLachlan speaks to Simon Loasby and Haksoo Ha to discuss Hyundai's new design vision.

James M
Moderator: James McLachlan, Editor, Car Design News

18:30 – 20:30
Car Design News: LA Forum Design Night

The CDN LA Forum Design Night returns once again with designers gathering for a relaxed and fun networking event.

Held on the press day at the LA Auto Show, the Design Night allows senior design executives attending the motor show to meet important new contacts and catch-up with industry friends and colleagues.

Join CDN editor James McLachlan, Derek Jenkins and the Lucid team for an exclusive first look at the Lucid Air Pure and Lucid Air Touring.

Derek Jenkins circular headshot
Derek Jenkins, Senior Vice President Of Design And Brand, Lucid
James M
Moderator: James McLachlan, Editor, Car Design News